Safety, Speed, Savings


At SafeTarp our goal is to offer solutions for the problems connected directly or indirectly to loading, securing, and tarping flatbed trailers. We are here to provide the three S’s


Safety is the single most important goal of every manufacturing plant in the world.  Unfortunately, all too often, the ramping up of safety leads to slower throughput and added costs.

In an attempt to prevent drivers from falling while tarping, unfortunately, the first thought is often fall restraints. Fall restraints, at best, minimize injuries when a fall occurs.  However, if you don’t have a well thought out plan to get a driver down after the harness catches them, they could be injured for life in about 15 minutes.  In 30 minutes death is very likely.  Do you train the driver in the proper use of the harness?  Do you supply the driver with a harness that was too big or too small?  Do you have a plan to get the driver down from the restraint? All of these things are the responsibility of the plant that required the persons to be in that harness.


Fall restraints as well as many other tarping systems, often greatly reduce throughput in most plants.  It takes the average driver between an hour and an hour and a half to tarp their load.  Do you want to get three loads per hour out the door?  You better have at least three fall restraint systems available (4 would be better). Does this math change when you use a sliding platform? Or a drag over where tarps get hung up on the load and end up dragged into several pieces?  Or when the driver is free to use a side drag that gets the tarps on with wrinkles all over and an ill-placed tarp when it finally gets on the load?  The answers are No, No, and No. At SafeTarp we have several machines available.  Every one of our machines is capable of being set up and placing the tarp where it needs to be in less than 6 minutes.  That gets the trucks through the tarping process in record time.


Greater speed Saves Money... “No more detention bills from truckers”, “No more drivers that don’t like the time it takes from their day and their log book”, “No more risks of falls”, “No more drivers refusing to load at your plant because it’s not driver friendly”. All of these things add to the shipping costs in many plants today.  SafeTarp can solve all of those issues.

Let us talk about making your plant a fast, easy, place to load.  All with a very short ROI, and possibly at no cost at all.   We have tarped millions of loads.  On several occasions we have tarped as high as 93 loads, fully securing the tarps, in an 8 hour shift.  We have never had a fall because we have never had anyone working off the ground.

Improve Safety, Improve Speed, and Save Money.

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